Meet Our Team


Maxime Deshaies, Ac.

Maxime Deshaies studied in depth mandarin Chinese, as well as martial arts and Chinese wisdom. He also made several trips to China in order to attend a post-graduate internship in Hangzhou in a Chinese regional hospital where he had the opportunity to assist the local doctors and learn traditional techniques. He also followed a specialized training for the treatment of addictions by acupuncture at the Dollard-Cormier center, the largest rehabilitation center for addicts in Quebec.

Maxime Deshaies graduated from the Rosemont College in acupuncture and holds a major in East Asian Studies from the University of Montreal. He actively pursues his studies of acupuncture and Chinese medicine with multiple continuing education classes. He is vice-president of the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec and serves on several committees.


Interview with Maxime Deshaies, Ac. Presenting acupuncture on the Libre-Service program.

Audrey Lesquelin, Ac.

Audrey is an acupuncturist who is dedicated to the personal growth of her patients. Her desire to help others has led her to first complete a bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of Montreal. Subsequently, her practice of Chinese martial arts (Tai Chi, Qigong, Kungfu) inspired her to study eastern philosophies.

She then followed her passion for chinese medicine and obtained her certification as an acupuncturist. Always looking for improvement, Audrey went to China and followed an internship in a hospital with several prominent Chinese doctors.

She also completed training in obstetrical acupuncture at Lasalle hospital where she assists her patients’ deliveries and teaches to graduating students.