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Our team

Maxime Deshaies, Ac.

Thanks to his many visits to China, Maxime has developed an in-depth knowledge of Mandarin, martial arts and Chinese wisdom. He carried out a postgraduate internship in a regional hospital in Hangzhou, where he assisted local doctors and learned traditional techniques.

He also completed a specialized training course in Addiction treatment by acupuncture at the Dollard-Cormier center, the biggest rehabilitation center in Quebec.

Maxime Deshaies is an acupuncture graduate from Collège de Rosemont and holds a major in East Asian Studies from the Université de Montréal. He regularly follows in-service training to keep up to date with the latest advances in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Currently, he is vice president of the Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec and sits on several committees.

Maxime Deshaies, Ac.

Maxime Deshaies, Ac., presenting acupuncture on the Quebec television program Libre-Service.

Audrey Lesquelin, Ac.

Audrey is a committed acupuncturist. Her strong sense of service first led her to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the Université de Montréal. Later on, her knowledge of Chinese martial arts (Taichi, Qigong, Kungfu) drove her towards the oriental philosophies. That was when she decided to follow her passion for Chinese medicine and become a certified acupuncturist.

A perfectionist, Audrey travelled to China to study how prominent Chinese doctors practise acupuncture in local hospitals. Backed by her training in obstetrical acupuncture at Lasalle Hospital, she offers quality complementary pregnancy and childbirth follow-up. She also teaches obstetrical acupuncture at postgraduate level.

Audrey Lesquelin, Ac.

Catherine Kasztalski, Ac.

Graduated in acupuncture in 2014 from Rosemont College, Catherine followed a specialized clinical training in one of the largest addiction treatment centres in Quebec. This training, along with her personal interests, led her to develop a particular expertise in the treatment of emotional issues.

She also trained in obstetrical acupuncture at Lasalle Hospital, which allowed her to broaden her field of expertise to include pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Fascinated by ancient traditions, Catherine studied Eastern and Mesopotamian civilizations in Europe and Quebec. She then pursued her main interest, health, by completing five years of studies in naturopathy at the École d'enseignement supérieur de naturopathie du Québec. These studies allowed her to acquire a global vision of health.

Maxime Deshaies, Ac.

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